With so much talk about guns in the news lately, what better time to provide you with some interesting facts about the weapon? Pop some popcorn, grab a coke, and prepare to learn 12 awesome facts in the short article below. It is time to learn something good!

1.    Gun owners have saved $2 million in conservation efforts through hunting. This is in part thanks to the 10% tax on guns and ammo.


2.    In the 1990s after a ban on guns containing magazines with 10 rounds or more, the Glocks brand constructed a deal with law enforcement that placed new weapons in their hand -and resulted in many guns being given away.

3.    The Gustav gun, created by Nazis, is the largest gun ever built. It can accurately fire from 23-miles away and weighs over 1300 tons.

4.    Samuel Colt invented the revolver when he was 16 years old.

5.    Taser is actually an acronym. It stands for Thomas A Swift’s Electric Rifle.

6.    James Bond used a Beretta 418 in his movies until he was told that the gun was a ladies gun by a fan.

7.    Picasso carried a gun without ammo. He fired this gun at people who he felt were overly dull people.

8.    Glock says that it costs under $100 to produce one of their weapons.

9.    There 89 guns for every 100 individuals living in the United States, with a total of more than 270 million in ownership.

10.    48% of Americans say they own a gun for protection while another 32% say they own a gun for hunting/wildlife.

11.     Kennesaw, GA has a law, passed in 1892, that requires the head of household to own a gun. Many loopholes exist today that don’t mandate this law.

12.    There are more than 149 different gun manufacturers.