Something Decorative For Every Room Of Your Home

decorative fire screen

In each and every room of your home, that decorative something will look a little different, for different reasons and to satisfy different purposes. For instance, you would not wish for a gigantic mural of oiled or acrylic fruits in a bowl to dominate your kitchen, drawing all eyes off of its focal point. In this case, the focal point could well be your granite top kitchen counter on which you do most of your cooking preparations.

In fact, it makes a whole lot of sense to have a fresh and scented bowl of fruit right there before you. What does seem to work well in the kitchen is a miniature portrait of some or another famous culinary event, something to inspire you with. Now, there is nothing iconic about this because this design inspiration is entirely original. The same originality is in evidence in the decorative fire screen that will be hanging over your fire place.

For purposes of creating some flux to do with formal alignments to do with shape and size, your fire screen might just be on the large side. It will be large enough to match the proportions of your winter hearth. If it is going to be part of creating a focal point in your living room, it should never dominate. This is to give other elements in the room or around the fireside a chance to shine. Here is an intimate space that paves the way for a number of conversations.

Pictures and portraits on the mantelpiece, coffee table, bedside lampstand and even bathroom portmanteau can also open the lid to a new conversation where previously there were no words to spare. A gentle nudge here or a nod there and the decorative idea is sold.